Sunday, March 29, 2009

Windows Media Player 12

You know what I hate? The first 6 seconds of every song on my computer. I start listening, and I’m like, “ugh…just get to the point, song! I don’t care for your logical musical progression.”

Fortunately, Microsoft has heard my cries, and released Windows Media Player 12: the first music player to permanently remove the first few seconds of every song in your media library that gets played. Sweet!

My guess is that this new beta has some trouble with “meta data,” the part of the audio file that contains all that fun stuff like artist info, album, rating, etc. An alternative hypothesis is that WMP12 cant afford to play a full audio file anymore because of the regression. Or 9/11.


1 comment:

  1. i. Thanks for the review. I'll hold off 'til MP13
    All I want is a sleek player that doesn't fuck my computer when I open it to play a song.
    Forget visualizations, forget internet synchonization and online stores and bulky shit-for-brains accessories. Give me a program that starts up quick, starts playing quick- and without freezing -and doesn't bog down my shit.


    ii. You can rss your blog to publish as notes on facebook, an easy way to further spam the rest of the world with your gloriously witty opinions.